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About me

My name is Roberto, although I go by Rob.

I was born in Madrid, but I moved with my parents to the city of Alicante when I was very little.

As a child I always watched my father filming us with his old video camera and I was fascinated by this.

Later, at my first communion, I was given my own camera, an old Canon with which I learned a lot. It is thanks to it that you are here reading these lines.

My first photographs were more dedicated to sports, surfing, skateboarding, golf, etc.

Surfing and the sea is what recharges my batteries. I have spent half my life surfing in the water.

But there is a lot more beyond sport. As I learnt techniques and studied photography development, I became interested in other genres such as social, event and architectural photography.

And of course, I can't leave weddings out. Weddings are one of the moments I enjoy most in my profession. The dynamism, the illusion of every second that is lived in them. I would like to reaffirm how happy I am to dedicate myself to photography.


I like to experiment, to try, to explore places, lights, spaces and proportions. Freezing moments and capturing emotions... Photography is my PASSION!


I currently live between Spain and Germany. But I have the flexibility to move wherever I need to.


Do you want to be my inspiration?

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